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You’ve worked hard to become established in your career.  You’ve had to live through some major market corrections since you started investing.  As you’ve moved toward accumulating wealth, you’ve found that life has become more complex.  You’re juggling the demands of career, family life, working toward goals like educating your children or saving well for retirement; time is your most important commodity.   It’s not easy to balance all of these things with managing your financial life and staying on target to achieve your goals.  Somewhere amidst all of these demands you want to find time to enjoy life. 

We help you stay on track, make choices about alternatives in employment and benefits, identify financial risks so that you can protect yourself and your family, and manage your portfolio with an eye toward achieving growth while managing risk. We’ll be transparent about our costs and the costs of investing and about our process for working together.  We’ll explain things clearly because we want you to have answers and to feel in control of your financial life and your investments.  And we’ll meet with you on-line when time doesn’t allow for face-to-face meetings.