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You have important questions: When I retire, will my money last as long as I do?  How long do I need to work?  What’s the best way to take money from my savings in retirement?  How much can I spend on travel in retirement?  How can I support the people and causes that are important to me?  What’s the best strategy for Social Security benefits?  Can I help pay for college for my grandchildren?  How should we invest to make sure our savings last throughout retirement without taking excessive risk? 

You’ve been through ups and downs – in investing and in life. 

After working for years to build a retirement you can enjoy, you want the security of knowing you have a solid plan in place that answers these questions.  We work with you to develop a financial plan that helps you move toward retirement with security and peace of mind.  We help you evaluate risks and ways to protect against them, such as life insurance and long term care insurance.  And we’re there with you to stay on top of your plan and make sure your investments are managed appropriately to your needs.